World Muslim Consumers Organization issued statement on World Consumer Right Day


(Paris-NewsHalal, Jumada Al-Akhir 8, 1437, March 17, 2016) The World Muslim Consumers Organization (WMCO) issued a statement on World Consumer Rights Day emphasizing the importance for all Muslims consumers to eat true halal meat as a religious right to eat true halal meat without the use of any stunning.

Dr. Abdul Majid Katme of the WMCO issued following statement in connection with World Consumer Rights Day:

World Muslim Consumers Organization (WMCO) would like to welcome this important day on 15th March the WORLD CONSUMER RIGHTS DAY.

No doubt, all consumers in the world do have a lot of concerns on a lot of issues needs and demands which do need to be addressed.

We the Muslim consumers in WMCO: 40 million consumers in western Europe/1600 million Muslim consumers in the world, would like to emphasize the importance for all Muslims consumers to eat true halal meat as a religious right, following the Islamic Religious method of animal slaughter (without the use of any stunning), as agreed by the majority of our Muslim scholars and theologians in the world.

More important, this is the demand of our Muslim consumers all over the world. No one has the right to interfere or change our HUMANE sacred religious method of animal slaughter.

We like to support also the campaign by the World Consumer Rights Day against the use and abuse of ANTIBIOTICS.

We all are aware of this new global Health hazard and threat as reported by the WHO.

According to our Religious teachings: All Muslims should eat natural wholesome pure organic meat and food(TAYYIB).

The word Tayyib is mentioned many times in the final holy BOOK AL QUR’AN. We agree, we all should avoid FAST JUNK food (not Tayyib) which is harmful to health.
Antibiotics should be OFF THE MENU and we should stop and avoid giving it to our innocent animals in most of the cases.

In fact, meat without antibiotics, is a true TAYYIB meat( natural and Halal) Finally, we are all happy to work with all consumer organisations in the world because their concerns are our concerns too!