Halal Certification is playing a major role in Australian meat exports: Mohamed El-Mouelhy


(Sydney-NewsHalal- April 2017) Halal Certification is playing a major role in exports of Australian meat to Islamic countries namely GCC states. But on the other hand, some extremist forces in Australia such as conservative politicians triggered their allegation against Halal Certification arguing that the money collected through the certification of halal food could be directed into organizations which promote terrorism. Ms. Kirralie Smith, a leading figure in anti-Islam party Australian Liberty Alliance launched a baseless campaign to defame not just Halal certifiers but Halal certification itself without putting forward a single evidence.

Islamic countries, especially Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar are increasingly important and attractive markets for Australian food exporters. The Australian food exports increasing year on year while the GCC market is expanding rapidly.

With global meat production projected to increase from 218 million tonnes in 1997-1999 to 376 million tonnes by 2030, the GCC is poised for some of the fastest growth in meat consumption. The driving force behind this enormous surge is a combination of population growth, rising incomes and urbanization. Despite relatively small populations (with the exception of Saudi Arabia and the UAE), the GCC is a strong contender for Australian meat export market growth. Middle East and North Africa MENA region is the region Australia exporting meat for last 45 years. Now, the key to Australian meat exports to MENA region is Halal Certified Halal meat and other foods.

Internationally renown Halal Certifier Mr. Mohamed El-Mouelhy, president  of Halal Certifying Authority in Australia sued Ms. Smith for defaming over number of online videos she presented for another anti-Islam group affiliated with Australian Liberty Alliance.

Talking to NewsHalal.com Mr. El-Mouelhy pointed out the contribution of Halal Certification in Australian meat exports and economy by emphasizing that the Australia exported $13 billion worth of halal certified food last year and this figure will increase by 10% this year, the meat industry alone gives employment to 60,000 Australians.
Highlighting a bright future of Halal market in Australia he was so certain that as the Muslim population grows so is the consumption of halal food.

How Australia can increase food exports to GCC states and other Islamic countries? What is the role of Halal Certifier like Halal Certification Authority to make sure that Muslim consumers are getting true Halal Certified products? Mr. El-Mouelhy noted that without Halal certification Australia will lose 40% of its food export. Halal Certification is playing a major role in Australian meat exports to not only Islamic countries but also to non-Islamic countries with significant number of expatriates from Muslim countries.

“Not only halal certifiers are involved in Halal meat but we are supported by the government to ensure that the meat is guaranteed Halal”. He added.

Insisting on valuable significance of Halal Certification and service of Halal Certifying Authority, Mr. El-Mouelhy explained that “our organization was the first in Australia to gain certification from GAC in Saudi and ESMA in the Emirate to add to our ISO9001 which we had for 18 years. Certifiers have to be professional and remember that they do not see Allah, He sees them. The industry is full of novices who think they are the best or at least good when in reality they lack experience especially in processed food”.