GIMDES celebrated World Halal Day by arranging Iftar for 5000 in Syria


(Istanbul-NewsHalal-Ramzan 18, 1439H- 03 June 2018) The GIMDES, a renown international Halal certifying body based in Istanbul, Turkey celebrated “World Halal Day” on 17th Ramadan by arranging Iftar for 5000 peoples in Syria.

GIMDES, World Halal Council and other Halal certifying bodies annually celebrates World Halal Day on 17th of Ramadan. According to Mr. Majed Al Hariri, a senior member of GIMDS, the organization arranged Iftar meal for 5000 peoples in Syria and also distributed Ramadan packets on the occasion of World Halal Day.

“We also arranged Iftar in different cities inside Turkey”, Al Hariri told to the NewsHalal.

On the other hand, World Halal Council in the United States also celebrated World Halal Day.

“We celebrated World Halal Day on 17thRamadan in Washington DC by inviting non-Muslim to Iftar and explained them about the Halal and why Muslims eats Halal”. Mr. Habib Ghanem, vice president of World Halal said.

There are reports of World Halal Day celebration in Russia as well.

Halal is an Arabic word meaning permissible. Halal can be any object or action which is permissible to use or engage in according to Islamic law, (the Shariah). The term covers and designates not only food and drink as permissible according to Islamic law but also matter of daily life. According to Islamic law, all allowable things, objects, foods & drug or acts called Halal. In contrast, every not allowable thing, objects, foods & drug or acts called Haram which means not permissible.