Dubai First Symposium on Food Safety, Quality and International Trade Requirements for Camel Milk


(Dubai-NewsHalal-Dhu-AlHijjah 30, 1436, October 14, 2015) First symposium on Food Safety, Quality and International Trade requirements for Camel Milk would be held as part of the 10th Dubai International Food Safety Conference on 27th October, announced by the organizers.

Camel food products are in stock across UAE stores and, lately, have come to be a success on the market, due to their beneficial healthy properties and protective activities of proteins not found in cow milk. Most importantly, they have a huge role in addressing the food security concerns in the region.

The EU Commission’s approval (in 2013) for camel milk trade last year makes UAE the first country in the Middle East to export camel dairy products to the European Union. To date, the international demand for camel milk products is higher than the supply, the EU states, as there is an increasing consumption of camel-based items.

The overall objective of the Symposium is to provide a renewed vision of knowledge on milk production, technology, health and trade aspects of camel milk.

The event is addressed to scientists and other professionals involved in the camel milk production sectors and  also milk producers, dairy processing industry, trade associations, academia, research institutes, and governments. The Symposium will be a platform for exchange of knowledge and information among international experts in the field.