Australian conservatives seeking fortune in anti-Halal campaign


(Sydney-NewsHalal-27 Feb 2017) Halal market which is contributing greatly to the exports and economy of even non-Islamic countries, facing a new wave in Australia as so called conservative politicians taking part in anti-Halal campaign. While Halal Certification is helping Australian meat and other food exports to Islamic countries, Senator Cory Bernardi joins a controversial anti-Halal event, just as so many critics calling it, to gain some public attention.

A right-wing anti-Islam group called Q Society recently organized an event to raise funds for a defamation case said to be initiated by a well reputed Halal certifier in Australia Mohamed El-Mouehly of the Halal Certification Authority.

Ms. Kirralie Smith, a leading figure in anti Islam party Australian Liberty Alliance. She repeatedly tried to advocate against Halal certification saying most Halal foods rexobol are not clearly labelled, so the consumer is paying the fees without their consent.

She also believes that money collected through halal certification could be directed into promoting terrorism but Mr. Mohamed El-Mouehly reject her stance as she did not shows any evidence to prove it.

Mr. El-Mouelhy is suing Ms. Smith for defamation over a number of online videos she presented for the Q Society, another anti-Islam group affiliated with the Australian Liberty Alliance.

“When you make false exaggerations I have every right to sue and sue everybody that has supported her and paid for her video,” he said.

According to Australian media reports, Senator Bernardi voices support for anti-Halal movement in Australia saying many people in the community had concerns about the halal industry. Meanwhile, Jumping into Islamophobia waves, Political cartoonist Larry Pickering made a series of anti-Muslim and Islamophobic comments.

It would be noted that the Global Halal Market is expanding rapidly as Muslim population is on raise with much greater prospects all around the world. As the the number of Muslim consumer is on raise, demand for Halal certified foods and services is sharply increasing.

While Melbourne-based Q Society and Ms. Smith trying to push anti-Halal campaign, many Australian within meat producers and consumers expressed warmest support towards Halal certification and Halal certified products. Australia is one of the largest meat exporters in the world and is a world leader in halal production. Unlike anti-Halal campaign, Australian Halal meat production and exports expected to grow year by year.