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International Islamic Halal Organization, IIHO launched in Japan HALALEVENTS

(Tokyo-NewsHalal, Shawwal 1231437 AH, 28 July 2016) International Islamic Halal Organization, IIHO Japan has been launched on Tuesday, July 27 as a Halal Certifying body recognized by IIHO Saudi Arabia as a chapter organization in Japan.

Japanese Tourism and Food producing sector is striving to seek new local and international markets through Halal. Japan which is officially designated venue for Tokyo Olympics 2020, attracting Muslims tourists from all around the world namely Indonesia, Malaysia and the Middle East. 


General Secretary of International Islamic Halal Organization, the IIHO Saudi Arabia, Dr. Saleh .H. Alaayed extended his congratulation to the Executive Director of IIHO Japan Mr. MOHAMMAD Zubair.

"I would like to convey heart felt congratulation on the inaugurating occasion of IIHO Japan. I`m so happy and proud that the IIHO is extending services for Halal Certification through highest standards of Halal in accordance with Quarn Al Kareem and Sunnah of prophet MOHAMMAD peace be upon him, AlhamduLillah. Now, these services and activities reaching beyond Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve Muslim Ummah for their desire to have Halal Foods and Halal Services all around the world, Dr. Alaayed said in his message.

"I`m fully confident that IIHO Japan will serve in Halal promotion and Halal certifying activities in Japan to make sure implementation of highest standards of Halal required for Foods, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Financing, Services and Tourism, He added.

Japan is a new but sharply growing Halal market as the Japanese producer seeking fresh opportunity in the Halal sector. Japanese tourism industry and food sector were not familiar with Halal sector but they are now keen to find the ways in global Halal Market.

"We proud to be a chapter organization of of highly recognized Halal Organization IIHO Saudi Arabia which is an arm of Muslim World League. Our key goal is to further friendly relations of Japan and the Islamic world through Halal. We are determined to provide internationally recognized Halal Certification for Japanese Foods, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals products as well as services sectors such as Tourism and Hotel industry", MOHAMMAD Zubair, the Executive Director of IIHO Japan said.

According to MOHAMMAD Zubair, IIHO Japan will not just focus on Halal Certification but it is equipped with providing Halal management training through each sector of Halal so that Japanese businesses can offer their products and services not just for inbound but they can tap opportunities in the fastest growing markets of Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Indonesia.


Following is Press Release issued by on the IIHO Japan inauguration:

Press Release

July 27, 2016 Tokyo, Japan

     We hereby announce official launching of the International Islamic Halal Organization, IIHO Japan. IIHO Japan is a recognized chapter-branch of Riyadh based International Islamic Halal Organization, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is an arm of World Muslim League based in Makkah, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

International Islamic Halal Organization, the IIHO Japan has been established to promote and support Halal Certification of Japanese Foods, Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels, Restaurants and other tourist’s related facilities in Japan.

For the purpose of Halal Certification, IIHO Japan use and impalement Halal Standards compiled and introduce by the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO). These Halal Standards are approved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all the states of Gulf Cooperation Council, the GCC.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the land of two holy mosques of Islam in the historical cities of the Makkah and the Medina. Objective of IIHO Japan is to promote Halal in accordance with the Halal Standards approved by the highest Halal Authority in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the International Islamic Halal Organization, KSA.

In accordance with the Islamic jurisdiction and Halal Standards of GSO, the IIHO Japan is an advocate of Halal and Tayyib Foods, Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and Tourism. To promote Halal and Hygienically good, safe, healthy foods and best Halal producing environment, IIHO Japan has established strategic partnership with Halal Quality Lab, the HQL based in Machida-Shi, Tokyo. The HQL is also recognized by IIHO Japan`s parent organization the IIHO Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Unlike conventional way of Halal Certification in the non-Islamic countries, IIHO Japan works with the HQL to certify the products and services in accordance with the Halal and Hygienic standards to make sure the Halal, Safe and Healthy status of the products and services before they reach to the consumers. It would be worthy to mention that the HQL is first and the only

Halal Quality Laboratory in Japan which, with the cooperation of IIHO Japan, offers and conducts Halal Laboratory Analysis.

The world’s Muslim population is expected to rise from 1.7 billion in 2014 to 2.2 billion by 2030 (+26.4%) according to Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life. Current market value of the global Halal Food industry is a trillion dollars annually, which is equivalent to 20% of the value of the food market in the world.

The value of two-way trade between Japan and the GCC was $50.36 billion during the first half of 2015. Notably, Mineral fuels constitute around 76 % of the total trade between the two sides, crude oils alone constitute nearly 53%. We are optimistic that there are brighter prospects now to increase trade volume between Japan and the GCC through Halal trade.


Working Membership Project:

In view of upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020 and rapid growing number of Muslims in Japan, we are keen to involve as many Muslim Organizations and individuals as possible in the promotion of Halal and Halal Certification process of IIHO Japan in all over Japan.

We are grateful to announce a Working Membership Project and invite Islamic Organizations, Halal Organizations and Muslim individuals in Japan to work with us.

Those who are agree with IIHO Japan objectives, policies and Halal Standards and willing to work for the development and support of Halal sectors in Japan, we welcome them to take part in our Working Membership Project. After passing through a Halal Study and Training session, Islamic Organizations, Halal Organizations and individuals can work for IIHO Japan in each region and prefecture of Japan as a working partners.

We provide following services in Japan:

1) Halal Certification of Food, Beverages, Cosmetics Products and Food Supplements.

2) Halal Certification of Hotels, Restaurants and other Facilities.

3) Halal Consultants

4) Halal Marketing Support

5) Halal Certification of Slaughter House and Meat

6) Halal Training Support for Factory, Slaughter House, Hotel-Restaurants Workers and Management.

7) Halal Marketing Research and Consultants Support

8) Halal Workshops, Seminar and Conferences Organizing

9) Halal Manuals and Guidelines for Businesses, Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism Facilities

10) Halal Products Imports and Exports Support

11) Halal Products Laboratory Test/Analysis Support

12) Halal Promotion & Branding


For further information:

Executive Director: MOHAMMAD Zubair

Tel & Fax: +81-42-728-6515


Office Hours: AM 9:00 to PM 5:00 (Monday to Friday)

Holidays: Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

Address: Machida-Shi, Nakamachida 1-4-2

(Machida Business Development Agency)

Room Number 2-6, Tokyo Japan. 〒194-0021

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