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UWHD to organize 2nd World Halal Day in India on 1st November HALALEVENTS

(Singapore, NewsHalal-Dhu-AlHijjah 5, 1436, September 19, 2015) Chairman of United World Halal Development announce to organize 2nd World Halal Day in Pondicherry city, India on November 01. World Halal Day 2015 is in the continuation of the previous year event held at Singapore. According to the event organizer the event would be celebrated on the theme of India’s 1st Hunger Free, Clean & Green Pondicherry by 2030.

Speaking to the AlummahWorld, Mr. Mohamed Jinna, Chairman of UWHD explained that the purpose of organizing World Halal Day in India is to eliminate street beggar in Pondicherry by 2030. "Also we are going to sapling 500 trees in pondy city to make it clean and green", he said.

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Mohamed Jinna

Chairman United World Halal Development

According to Mr. Jinna, around 10000 people and 500 businessmen will participate at the World Halal Day in Mondicherry city. The State Chief Minister of Pondicherry Mr Rangasamy would be chief guest to launch WORLD HALAL DAY as the 2nd HALAL commemoration day to be held in India.

"This event will draw in huge interests from number of industry players, Muslim Leaders , Philanthropist , manufacturers, distributors, investors and producers from the HALAL services such as Banking , Financing, Property, Health and products industry from around the world", Jinna said.

Halal is a global trend as the global Halal market is growing at more than expected pace. Awareness about Halal is also increasing not only in Islamic countries but also in non-Islamic countries.

Mr. Jinna believes that the Halal Day would be celebrated all around the world and a time is coming very soon when it will be celebrated as an internationally recognized event the World Halal Day.