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Asia Vision International is the administration of The company established in 1998, produces news, photo reports and documentaries for the media. Taking into consideration Global Halal trends, requirements of Halal related information and growing interest of Muslim consumers and Halal industry, we decided to launch from 1st January 2016. enjoying best of cooperation and dedication of international Halal Experts in launching of the site. The is dedicated to serve Muslim Consumers, Halal Industries, Researchers, Academics and Halal Certifying bodies. Therefore, we are committed to strive to deliver you updated coverage, news, video and photo reports on the issues of Halal such as Halal Foods, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Halal Tourism, Islamic Finance and Halal Exhibitions & Conferences.
We welcome Muslism Scholars, Halal Experts, Journalists, Researchers, Scientists, Muslim Consumers advocates and Muslim community organizations around the world to share and send us your papers, informations and announcements for the publication on as we strongly believe that mutual cooperation and level best exchange of information and opinion is essential to develop real Halal Media.

We welcome reliable researchers and correspondents around the world to become valuable partner of by sending resumes at

Please also note that an approval is required from the board of editors and the directors of before appointing any correspondent.